SNB Data Technologies - Who are we and what do we do?

SNB Data Technologies is a versatile computing company with a wide range of service offerings that includes network and IT support, web hosting and design, cloud management, custom system and software development, and dedicated infrastructure management.

SNB focuses on helping small to mid-sized organizations manage their IT needs while helping to bring enterprise level solutions to their businesses and employees. By partnering with the leading names in technology, SNB has put an emphasis on industry standard best practices so your data and uptimes are protected.

Our primary objective as a technology services company is to support your organization's initiatives. Large or small, your initiatives drive your business's direction and your day-to-day operations. First and foremost, our job is to help make your ambitions a success.

At SNB Data Technologies, we provide IT and computing services throughout the Midwest. We are not only focused on helping our neighbors here in West-Central Illinois, we also provide services in states as close as Iowa, Indiana and Missouri; and as far away as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and South Dakota. We have a wide range of local and national experience helping to drive organization's growth one bit at a time.

Thank you from all of us at SNB Data Technologies for considering us for your technology needs.

SNB Data Technologies Logo


Technology continues to evolve at a blistering pace. We can help keep your business critical systems compatible with your operations.


We provide 24x7x365 support giving your organization's technology the stability it needs to perform up to your expectations.


At SNB, our primary focus is finding the right solution for your technology needs. We'll help you find the solution that works best for your requirements.


SNB employs a team of highly trained, technology centric professionals that focus on continuous improvement to manage your service needs.

SNB's Strategy - How do we see ourselves?

Our Vision
SNB Data Technologies helps businesses obtain, develop, and support IT infrastructures that properly align with their respective strategies. We continue to place an emphasis on providing a culture of personalized computing services that address each of our client's unique needs and aids them in realizing their future potential.

Our Mission
Our mission is to develop business and community relationships that are rooted in trust, and to help make IT solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business needs. Our goal is simple, develop solutions that are an asset to your organization.

Our Credentials
At SNB, we see continuing education as paramount in our ability to help guide businesses in their technology decision making. Advanced degrees, certifications, conferences, and technology partnerships keep us on the front-lines of an ever changing IT landscape.

Why Choose SNB? - Here's why we feel we can help you.

We Have Partnered Up.
We have partnered with some of the biggest names in technology to provide our customers with the most up to date solutions available. Our dedication to industry best practices coupled with our partners allows us to provide customer with an always up to date and reliable IT solutions package.

Speed, Reliability, and Uptime
We understand that a large portion of your business's success relies on the performance of your IT infrastructure. We work hard to guarantee the dependability and security of your network and will not quit until your business is back up, running and secure.

We Are More Than Just Tech.
At SNB, we are more than just a technology company that provides top of the line services. We are your neighbors, part of the community, dedicated to the businesses and people we serve.

We Are Focused on You.
We place an emphasis on a culture of personalized technology services that addresses each of our client’s unique needs and aids in realizing future potential. Our core focus is built upon the principles of three technology pillars:

  • Environment: Establish stable and effective infrastructure services to support organizational growth.
  • Development: Design, acquire, and create hardware/software solutions custom fitted to meet functional goals.
  • Management: Protect technology investments through proper management and continuous service improvement.

Security is our Top Priority.
Security is of top importance in a well-rounded technology strategy and is a guiding focus at every level of our technology advisement. SNB is continually considering the security implications of the solutions we offer. This allows us to deliver secure and industry leading technology investments to our clients.